Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bharti Walmart India - Hired Fake Bloggers

Bharti Walmart India is the kind of evil corporation that has reach to the very top of the pyramid by every deceptive means in the book which also includes hiring Fake Bloggers to write positive reviews about them. Not only that they create random bloggers pretending to write about random things, and then in a slick manner write about walmart, and creating subtle confusion to write off their crimes. They use multiple psychological war tactics to suppress the truth through every means at their disposal, and keep the masses under their control. If they can manipulate the mindset of the people then they can go on existing and stabbing people in the back when they do not even know about it.

Bharti Walmart India depends on the very warped norms of the society which they use for their personal advantage, and further their economic goals by suppressing the masses. They create warped rules to pay people less, and less along with pay less taxes to the government so they are the ones who have the maximum profit. Their fraudulent existence is nothing more than an abomination of earth that continues to devour every thing in its path unless they are crushed once, and for all.

Bharti Walmart India