Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Eliminate truth using "Faking News"

Backstabbing, trickery, Deception and many such techniques have been used by zealots to manipulate their prey into their systematic traps and Bharti Walmart India is the undying proof of that deception. They use spoof sites like "Faking News" write off truth by passing off their actual actions as a joke. Most people remain unaware about the actions taken by the top management which is why they can create absolute lies to keep people in a state of ignorance. If their prey remains unaware of the true reality behind the scenes, then they can be manipulated till the end of time which has been their main plan from the very beginning. They have been doing this to the people for generations, and they have no desire to stop now.

Bharti Walmart India

They have done the same thing in china, and transform the common people into their slaves by installing the warped concept of communism. They have planned to use them as slaves for generations to come so that they will not have to work a single day in their lives. These monsters have to be stopped before they destroy the whole planet completely. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Confusion as a weapon in the Court of law

Confusion is the ultimate method to keep an opponent in a state of delusion so that they are never able to understand who their real enemy is that has been stabbing them in the back. This is the method used by the Zealots for generations which is why they have been able to establish their dark reign all over the planet. This corruption has taken the form of massive corporations like Bharti Walmart India  that follows in the footsteps of the zealots. Their system of profiteering never changes, and they come into economies they target for destruction in multiple versions but with the same agenda. They create the illusion that there will be competition but in fact they are only competing with each other. There main agenda is to eliminate every other competition collectively so that it will only be their collective making all the money in the world, and everyone else burns in hell. 

Bharti Walmart India