Saturday, 25 August 2012


The question you should be asking yourself before reading ahead is why is the world in the bad economic shape that it is in today? The whole economic system around the world is built on an unhealthy system of “Debt” which was installed over the original system that was healthier for everyone. The system of debt allowed the zealots to steal everything from all the people of the planet after they had taken over the world with the “British, French, Dutch, Swiss East India company”. The Zealot Age of enlightenment is the pure opposite of the original concept of enlightenment which is the liberation from the world of death. The zealot age of enlightenment represents how to enslave the people of the world with the poisonous system of everlasting debt. Major corporations that grew like mushrooms around the world by creating Chinese slaves who produce cheap goods for them, and they supply those goods to the rest of the planet to make their fortune. Bharti Walmart India is the next phase in the system of infinite exploitation of all the people connected to their warped web. 

Bharti Walmart India
The case of Debby Shanks also proves that they will go to any length to profiteer off the lives of the common people. She was in a major accident in the year 2000, and she lost her ability to function as a normal person. She had short term memory loss which made her forget any conversation she has 10 minutes ago. Her family won the lawsuit against the trucking company which was responsible for her accident, and they won money from that lawsuit. Instead of helping her, walmart sued her for that money because they had already had a clause in her contract for the same. 

Bharti Walmart India
The use of “Dead peasant insurance policy” is the undying proof of “Zealotry”, which was created to save up the money that they would have had to pay the government in the form of taxes. Using this policy the corporations owned by the zealots can easily use the system to preserve millions through insurance. They can also take up loans from the banks over this policy at the same time which them nearly unlimited edge over money. If this evil corporation comes into this country, then they are going to play the same game of near infinite exploitation, and all the common people will be completely destroyed in the next 10 years.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Tax saving havens: Dead peasant society

Most evil corporate empires in the world today are owned, and controlled by Zealots who have been eating away the soul of the world for their personal profit. They have been planning the destruction of the world systematically for their ego, greed, and the simple reason of world domination by backstabbing, lying, and using every sinister means to make it happen. They are the same people who owned the British, Dutch, French, Swiss East India Company which only came into existence after the complete take over of Europe after the installation of “Pretender Kings”. These pretenders were Crypto-zealots who legions always lay with the zeal of the zealots. All of that ancient evil transform to a whole new level in these times into the modern corporatocracy that we see today. The use of “Dead peasant Life insurance” by Zealots is an undying reality which is to save on the taxes that they would have had to pay to the government. Bharti Walmart India is the same pea of the pod that has the same track record in America. 

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India is an evil corporate empire which plans to destroy this country to a whole new level by exporting the fresh goods to Europe, and eliminating the kirana stores by predatory pricing. The goods they are going to sell are going to be directly from China, and most of the government officials in India are in their pockets. Once they enter and take over then there will be nothing to stop these monsters to destroy this country. These corporations carry these Dead peasant or dead janitor policies that amount in billions, and the best part is that you will never know that if this company has one out on your life. When you die, all the money goes to them with interest. They can also get loans from insurance companies on these policies to fund their agendas further. 

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Zealot terrorism: manipulating the laws, again

Global terrorism created by the cult of Zealots is a true reality, and they have created an intricate web of lies to control the people of the planet. Just like the stock market was created by the Dutch East India Company to control all the businesses of the world through their system. It was a perfect means to drive people into their system with the delusion that they will have more investment coming into their company through this system, but most people do not realize that they can easily take over the company by just buying off the majority of the shares to control the assets when the company is big enough. Bharti Walmart India  is just another tool for the Zealots to takeover, and feed off the people who are ripe for the harvest. They are constantly lobbying with Indian National Congress to let them in the country as soon as possible to satisfy their shareholders. They have also called upon their minions Auchan, Max and Lanmark to invade on the side to create a perfect norm of the system.

Bharti Walmart India

This monstrosity of the zealots cannot be allowed to continue because they have every intentions of destroying our lives for future generations to come just like they have done in the past with British, French, Swiss and Dutch East India company. They were all controlled by the Borg collective to attack their enemies from all sides, and confuse them entirely. Bharti Walmart India is playing the same game of “Divide, and rule” that has been played by the Zealots for a long time, but no more. Their time has come to an end, and they will be destroyed.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Your business dies competing vs slave labor produce

The last few years have been bad for the world with the recession caused by the Debt based monetary system laid down around the world by “Zealots” who control the flow of money towards their own bank accounts. They have mastered the method to control the flow of information to manipulate the people of the world perpetually till the end of time. They have been doing this for 2500 years in every country they invaded after their dispersion. All their “Host Countries” suffered under their manipulation and the zeal to take over the world to feed their empty souls. They will do any thing, and they will steal any thing that is created by other people for the glory of the “Borg Collective”. Lies and deception comes naturally to these dark souls that enjoy feeding off the people they manipulate. The key is that they won’t have to lift a finger in their lives because all they have to do is manipulate people around them to do their bidding. Using every unethical means in the book, the “Zealots” pretend to be the “Lords” of the world when they are nothing more than parasitical worms. Bharti Walmart India and various other corporations that they control to attack every economy to feed their own pockets are a mere reflection of their demonic mind.

Bharti Walmart India

Their main method of manipulation relies on having unlimited resources to manipulate the system towards their empty souls so they are the only ones in the world that prospers when the rest of the people burn in Debt that they created. Using the debt based system they can feed off the interest that will never end, and they won’t have to lift a finger till the end of time. They have planned to use this country after they allowed the “middle” class to flourish, and harvest them when the time is ripe. Other people are nothing more than cattle to these monsters, and they harvest them like the cattle they slaughter for their meat. Bharti Walmart India intends to supply this country with Chinese made goods, and export the fresh produce from this country to European countries. The fraud they created in their advertising is that they intend to help the farmers, but they are just going to do the opposite as publicized. There will be more poverty when their evil monster enters, and destroys the economy for its personal greed. 

Bharti Walmart India

They are the same evil creatures that owned the British, French, and Dutch East India Company under the Bourgeois Family line who are one of the leaders of the “Bourg Collective”. We remember the atrocities they created in this country when they destroyed the core of this civilization, and they have ensured that we never pick ourselves up again by installing a warped education, and government system that only works against us.  

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India is only a plague that will destroy this country for generations to come if they are not stopped now. The fraud of democracy is the mask that has to be unveiled, and the “Zealots” who control the puppets that they installed to control the Indian Government have to be eliminated. One thing the Zealots can Count on is that their annihilation is inevitable, no matter whatever they do.
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Friday, 3 August 2012

India is the graveyard of the bully of Bentonville

There has been a continuous onslaught towards this country by Global terrorist that have tapped out most of the people they enslaved in countries they are established. Bharti Walmart India is one such corporation that has entered this country on the basis of absolute lies, and deception which is the true core of this evil corporation. It is a known fact that they destroy all businesses around the economy they enter, and they end up as ghost towns. The cut throat tactics they use to eliminate businesses in their target economy has been the clear proof of their monstrosity.

Bharti Walmart India

Collaboration with companies in India is just a cover for them to hide their true agendas, and create the illusion that the people of the country have some sort of control. However, the people who are used to collaborate to expand in this economy, only look towards the profit they can make. Their lack of a higher vision blinds them from a greater threat that comes along with their joint ventures. Bharti Walmart India is the same scenario, and only a depraved future awaits for all those who become a part of this trap.

Bharti Walmart India

It is up to the people to open their eyes to the monsters that are preparing to feed off their lives for the next 25 years, and see the true reality of evil corporations like Bharti Walmart India. The people of this country should realize that this corporation is funded, and owned by the same people who enslaved them under the British, Dutch and French East India Company under the Bourgeois family line.

Bharti Walmart India

They are same monsters that destroyed their lives for generations and they have planted stronger roots to enslave the people’s future generations. The time has come to finally destroy these monsters once, and for all so that we all can have a better, and a peaceful future. The Zealots should expect their end, soon.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Joy of profiteering: Dead Peasant Life Insurance

Business is more than just a game, and all of its activities revolve around one idea, “ how to make quick profits, any means necessary”. People are the most important part of the business body, and it is because of them that every system runs smoothly in a business enterprise. However, are people seen as people? Or are they just cost to company?

Bharti Walmart India

The question has been answered by many fortune 500 companies like Bharti Walmart India that boasts its billion dollar profits to the world, but do they tell you how they got to that level so fast? Pure manipulation, and degradation of all the people connected to their system which is done is such a subtle way that never realize its happening to them until the game is over. Just like the testing done on a dog which is left in a room which gives him constant shocks from the floor. For a certain time the dog tries to find a way out, but then comes a time when it gives up entirely. Even if you open the door, the dog won’t leave. This is the same psychological warfare used by the “Corporate Zealots” to maintain their profiteering agendas.

Bharti Walmart India

Lets take the classic example of an employee, Jane sims:

Jane Sims always knew her husband was a valuable employee to Wal-Mart. She just didn't know how valuable. Sims discovered recently that Wal-Mart, the company her husband, Douglas, worked for before he died, had taken out a life insurance policy in his name. When Douglas Sims died in 1998 of a sudden heart attack, Wal-Mart received about $64,000. She got nothing from that policy. "I never dreamed that they could profit from my husband's death," said Sims, whose husband worked in receiving at Wal-Mart's distribution center in Plainview for 11 years. Companies routinely take out secret life insurance policies on the lives of their low-level employees and collect thousands of dollars when they die. The families never know the policies are in place and typically receive none of the money.

They’re better known in the insurance industry as "dead peasant" and "dead janitor" policies.

Many employers continue to buy them, expecting no one will ever find out. And they generally don't because there is no way to tell if an employer has taken out a policy on a worker's life.

Bharti Walmart India

This shows in clear texts the game played by corporations like walmart, and they continue their profiteering agendas over the lives of numerous people they destroy in the process.

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